Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello Soon to be New Year

My list of New Years Resolutions is HUGE!
I don't think I have ever made a new years resolution...
but here they are:

1. Eat Healthy: Cook AT HOME. Stop eating out so much.

2. Hit up the Gym: I have a gym membership... lets put that to use!

3. Do well in school: I seriously need to get on that, I'm getting old.

4. Keep up with Youtube Videos: Weekly? Sounds good!

5. JOB: this is a must.

6. Save Money: For real this time!

7. Do good deeds: Lets make the world a better place <3

8. Practice Guitar: I didn't buy that guitar for nothing!

9. Read: I hear reading makes you smarter? :)

10. Go to bed at a decent time: Yeah... it's almost 3am, and there is no reason to be up.

11. Buy a new pair of shoes weekly: Just kidding.

2011, please be a good year.


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