Thursday, July 15, 2010

Marc, you amaze me.

I'm loving this bag... a lot. I don't know why, but I can spend so much money at Forever 21 within a few months, but I am so hesitant to drop $200 at once! I think I might this time...
We'll see.
It's weird, I don't think I own a designer bag... It's like a must have for people who live for fashion. One day, when I have the money... my bag collection will be huge!
This is going to sound really childish, but I don't care.- I am going to make a "piggy bank" (it will probably be a jar haha) and put like $30 bucks a week in it, to go towards designer bags, and another one to go towards a new car. I am so bad at saving!

I'm moving out again in mid-august, so money will be tight.
I really want to start getting internships, but at the same time, I really need a paying job because I have to help out with rent, and groceries. Evan and I decided that were only going to eat out on weekends, and cook during the week days. Too bad my new place doesn't have a stove. Weird right? It's a really nice house, but it doesn't have a stove. I think it's because the lady who lives in the other part of the house has the good kitchen. Lucky... It's okay though, I will be living a block away from Evan so I can just use their kitchen :]

Just a little update.

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