Friday, June 11, 2010

My mom calls Thrift stores "Drift Stores"

I correct my mom every time she calls a Thrift store a Drift store...
I guess she doesn't remember since she says it every time.
Hahaha funny lady.
I totally forgot to post these pictures of my thrift finds!
I purchased them like three weeks ago but they are awesome so I want to show you all.
100% Silk top. I really wanted a nice shirt like this to wear with high waisted skirts. I usually where the hanes white v-necks, but they aren't dressy enough for nights out! This one is perfect and it buttons all the way down in the back. It seriously feels like it has never been worn and it was only $2!
I love this vintage belt! $2.50
Non-authentic Chanel bag. That would have been awesome if it was real because it was only $3! The quality is not that great, so I can tell it is not real, but I still think it is super cute!

Another simple long strap bag. I don't own a navy blue bag, so why not for only $2?!

Thrift stores are awesome not matter what anyone says!

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  1. That silk top is crazy find! I always get excited when I see designer bags in thrift stores too. That Chanel one still looks pretty chic. I haven't found a real one yet!