Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gary's Photography

My brother started getting into photography a few years ago, and has improved so much over the years! The picture above is from a wedding he shot. It is amazing! I love how his pictures have a vintage feel to them. I think he wants to go back to school for photography, and I totally support that idea. It's fun because he likes to practice, and is trying to build his portfolio so I get photoshoots for free! I really want to be a fashion stylist, so I want to start making a portfolio with photoshoots I styled, and he offered to take the pictures!


  1. The composition of the first photo is wonderful. There are so many lines with the city streets and the cranes. Awesome.

  2. I know right when I saw those cranes, I was like wait pull over! and he got some shots of me there. My brother says thank you by the way :P