Monday, July 19, 2010

Bamboo Pumps

So I just received the 'Bamboo' Pumps from
They are okay. They are definitely no Steve Madden, but I suppose they will do! Haha
The description said they were faux suede, they almost feel like velvet.
They are 5.25 inches tall with a 1-1.5 inch platform in the front.
They feel fine comfort wise, but i'm sure after an hour my feet will start hurting! Then again, that would be expected from any pair of 5.25 inch heels.
I really liked the nude color ones they had on the website too, but those and the red ones sold out within 4-5 days!

Next: On the search for fall boots, and nice shoes for work and interviews.

Oh! I went shopping this past weekend. I totally jinxed myself by saying "I'v been having the worst luck shopping!" I think I found a little too much this time. I will post pictures ASAP.
I bought most of the clothes from Forever 21. I was impressed! They had a lot of cute clothes this time. I was getting sick of it for a while!


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  1. I always end up finding a ton of stuff I like when I least expect it. Haha, it sounds like you're the same as me!