Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Soft Pinks and Nudes

Here is a little collage I put together. These colors are very in this season. They are extremely elegant, pretty and feminine. I absolutely love them, but they just don't seem to go well with my skin tone! I really wish they did... I would still buy a couple pieces in soft pink, but I would rather stick with what goes best with my skin tone.

Sorry I have been lagging on the posts from both my blog and YT. School is almost out, so many more on the way! I am so excited to move home for the summer. I really hope Socal is the next place I move! It is the perfect place to start furthering my career in fashion. Oh and being closer to the boy would be nice :P
Fingers crossed please :]



  1. yes, i agree. i love the scarf. i lack in posts & yt videos. if you want to pursue a career in fashion, new york is the place to go.

  2. i knowww but new york is so far away!! The other side of the country. lol oh! i want to apply to urban, do you recommend it? :]